SOAR Lab 2016-2017// Top(L-R): Gavin, Lamar, Liesl, Abel// Middle: Scott, Ivory, Gabrielle, Samantha Jenny, Arlene, Lauren// Bouncy Chair: Danielle



Principal Investigator
(626) 815 – 6000 Ext. 2411 

Dr. Wood has conducted research in clinical (Legacy Health Systems, Portland, Oregon), military (Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory, Pensacola, Florida) and space (NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas) laboratories. His area of expertise is in the field of neuroscience, with emphasis on sensory systems physiology and sensorimotor control. His research focuses on how the central nervous system resolves ambiguous sensory cues regarding orientation and motion in order to maintain accurate spatial awareness. His principal research goal is to understand the mechanisms of multisensory integration and neural plasticity and apply this knowledge to improve rehabilitation strategies and optimize human performance.



Lab Personnel 

  Hyun Seo Lee
(626) 815 – 6000 Ext. 2747

Hyun Seo (Hannah) is a research associate who recently earned her B.A. in Psychology from Azusa Pacific University. In the SOAR lab she assists Dr. Wood in implementing experiment protocols and overseeing undergraduate research assistants. 




2015-2016: L-R (Top) Hailey Trier, Mimi Dao, Diana Gomez, Roxy Valles, Liesl Prather, Kimberlee Naylor, Katelin Murphy, Kaiah Luecke; L-R (Bottom) Scott Wood, Anderiana Alchehayed, Corinna Gisinger, Madison Hybl, Colleen Zumaran , Samantha Douglas

2014-2015 L-R(Top): Bryan Lopez, Jackie Ng, Samantha Douglas, Johnathan Che, SangHa Lee; L-R(Bottom): Briana Miranda, Crystal Orabona, Scott Wood


2014-2013 Lab